Open for u-pick 


Photo by: Tamara Morrison

Photo by: Tamara Morrison

             All tree fruits 99 cents per pound.            

U-Pick Schedule

START DATES - These are a general guide to when we think the different varieties will be starting. We will update as time goes on.
(No pets please.)

Updated Sept 21st

August 29th: Alkmene - Almost finished
Gala- finished
Elstar - Lots available


September 1st: Honeycrisp - good picking until Sept 24th will update on the weekend

Sept 5th:  Italian plums- finished.  


Sept 14: McIntosh - almost finished

Sept 20th: Spartan and Fuji

Sept 25th: Bramleys and Jonagold

Oct 1st: Ambrosia and Boskoop

Oct 5th: Cox Orange Pippin

Oct 25: Orin and Northern Spy

When in season please stop in the Country store to pick up orchard map marked with available rows, updated daily, and bags for picking into.  We provide white plastic T-Shirt bags for picking, but encourage you to bring bags or boxes from home. 


What can you pick at Willow View?


**Important announcement**

We have made the decision to remove our berries and focus on our Fall crops.  We will no longer be open in the summer months for berry sales or u-pick berries.

We are however planting more early apples and anticipate opening in mid August every year when the weather and growing season permits.



We offer u-pick apples, plums, pears,and pumpkins (as they ripen!).  Please check in at the country store before you head to the field to pick up a map, with the best picking rows marked (updated daily), and bags if necessary .

*We encourage you to bring your own bags or boxes!