Thank you for a wonderful harvest season.  
Bring on the berries!

So, what's next?  Berry season is just around the corner, and we'll be open for u-pick or we-pick raspberries, blackberries, and saskatoons.  Visit our U-Pick page for more info.  Blueberries and red rhubarb will be for sale as well (no u-pick available). 

We'll provide more information here once we get closer to harvest.  Check back here mid-June!

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Welcome To

Willow View Farms!

This September will mark our 22nd year of selling produce directly from the farm.  We want to promote the value of keeping local communities strong by inspiring people to support local farms.   We try to do this by providing a quality product and good service, making people who choose Willow View feel valued.  We want all who come here to feel like a part of this family farm, especially in the Fall as they experience and share in the harvest.

U-pick berries, apples, plums, pears, corn, and pumpkins have become a big part of what we do at Willow View.  Visiting the farm provides opportunities to "slow down", and enjoy nature at a leisurely pace, while celebrating the enjoyment of local homegrown food.  The goal of Willow View is summed up by our motto: "Our home, your farm".

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